How to Remove Colored Fruit Drink From Carpet

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To remove colored fruit drink from carpet, alternate between blotting with plain water and soapy water until the stain is lifted, resorting to a more aggressive detergent if the stain is stubborn. Get out colored fruit drink from carpet with tips from a... View Video Transcript

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Okay, we are back and right now we're moving on to removing colored fruit drink from carpet fibers. It's actually quite simple, all you need to do is you take two bowls, and you fill one with just lukewarm water. And fill the second one with lukewarm water and a quarter teaspoon of mild liquid soap. You have two clothes, one you want to go into the water solution with the soap and you want to blot the area of the carpet with the soap water. And then you want to go back into just the water bowl and blot the area of the stain. And you just go back and forth between the two until the stain cools out of the carpet fibers. Then the final thing you want to do is you want to take a dry cloth and you want to dry blot the area with pressure to dry it off and pull the final remaining substances out of the carpet fiber. In this case the colored fruit drink. And as you can see the carpet fibers have been pulled - have been cleaned completely of the drink itself. Now, if the stain hasn't come out with just a soapy water and the regular lukewarm water, then what you want to do is just replace the two bowls with something a little stronger. You take the soapy water and replace it with ammonia. And you take the water bowl and you replace it with vinegar. Same parts. Just mix a third of a teaspoon of ammonia into water and mix a quarter teaspoon of the vinegar into the water. And that'll take a place of a little bit of a stronger stain puller out. And then once you've done that you flood the area with water again. And blot it dry. And that is sure to take the fruit drink out of the carpet fibers for good.