How to Clean Walls in your House

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Hi, my name is Paige and on behalf of Expert we are talking about some basic cleaning tips. We’ve already gone over ceilings. The next step is to do your walls. Now if you are like me and you have dogs or possibly cats or just maybe dirty kids, your walls get a little dirty. You can clean walls in several different ways. This paint finish happens to be a shiny paint finish so I can use a basic all purpose cleaner, my favorite 409, to be able to clean this wall. All I have to do right now, I don’t know if you can see it, but I have some grime on this wall from the dogs coming in this back door and all I have to do is simply spray a little bit and take some paper towels. It doesn’t really need to sit very long and wipe it down. Another way to do this is to have a little bucket of water that you put Lysol all purpose cleaner in or your 409 and then you just dip your paper towel into your bucket of water and go over the whole wall. One thing that might happen is you find a discoloration between your new clean paint and your old paint. So what you have to do is have a very thorough job in cleaning of your walls if they are as dirty as this. It’s not going to be like that everywhere. The 409 is a great way to spot clean specifically really dirty places. For example, right here on my door where I have some dirt from a dog print, simply spray, wipe and she is good as new. Okay. So now we are in the kitchen and these walls here are a flatter paint so they are a little bit harder to clean or you have to pay attention to them a little bit more. So what I am going to do to clean these walls, is I’ve just gotten an old container with some warm water in it and I am going to put some Lysol just like a quarter cap full in this whole thing of water. Now in order to thoroughly clean, I am going to actually take down these frames so that I can get the wall every where. You probably can’t see it but behind this frame are some hidden pieces of dirt as well. I want to make sure that I am getting all the edges of my space in cleaning every where especially those tough spots; use a little arm grease and little elbow grease to get you going. Now I have a clean space on a wall that was flat paint and a little bit harder to clean. Remember just a little bit of Lysol, warm water and a dirty rag will get you going.