Starting a Business Cleaning Houses

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Starting a business cleaning houses requires getting licensed, bonded and insured, obtaining or making cleaning supplies, and getting customers through ads in the paper. Clean houses by yourself at first to build up a client base before hiring employees... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and I'm going to tell you how to start a business cleaning houses. This is a really easy business to start because your upfront costs are really low. You just need to have money for your cleaning supplies, your business license, and insurance. You need to be licensed, bonded, and insured. My advice is to start off cleaning the houses yourself before you hire anybody, because that's going to you know, have include a whole lot more paperwork, so do as many houses by yourself as you can . That way, you get to keep all the money into your business account and not have to pay any out. After you've been doin' it for awhile and you kind of get a rhythm goin', and you have a schedule down, and the best way to get customers, I forgot to say this; put an ad in the papers. That will get you tons of customers. I don't suggest goin' around stickin' papers on people's cars, cause' that usually makes em' mad and they may call you just to give you a piece of their mind, so I've never done that, but I can't stand it when people put papers on my car so don't do that. Have business cards at all times to hand out to people. You'll constantly run into people that are looking for a housekeeper. It's a really; the market for housekeeping, there's a high turnover rate. People get somebody to clean their house, and she doesn't want to do it anymore; they don't think she's doin' a good job, so you need to do the best job that you can. Take your time, and clean their house like you're cleaning your house for your in-laws to come over. That's the best way to know if you're doin' a good job, act like it's your house and your in-laws are about to come over, and you will do a great job. Make sure to manage your time wisely, and take into consideration you're going to want to eat and take a lunch break. You're going to have to drive. You're going to have to stop for gas. Take all these things in into consideration. And your products are going to be the most expensive part, if not gas. For me, the second year of my cleaning business gas was the worst part, because I was drivin' a big truck, and gas was up to like four dollars a gallon, but now I've created my own line of products which has been really cheap now for me to get products. That's also a good suggestion, or make your own products out of vinegar and water and household things. You want to try to spend as little money as you can on the cleaning products. Use a clean; brand new out of the package sponge everytime you clean somebody's house. Do not go spreading staph infections around people's homes. That is not cool. Always clean your house like it's your own. Don't do sneaky things like scrub the toilet and then go scrub their sink with it. Don't do that. Scrub the toilets last always so that you're not spreadin' the germs around. Just use common sense. I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and that is how you start your own cleaning business.