How to Conquer Clutter

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Clutter can be a huge problem for households and is conquered through the use of containers or bookcases and shelves. Tackle the annoying problem of a cluttered home with organization ideas from a professional house cleaner and organizer in this free... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Ann Myrick, and today I'm going to tell you how to conquer clutter. I am a big believer in containers, and there are so many different types of containers out here. On this shelf I've showed you several ways of using containers in interesting ways. This is just a little bookcase, but in this kitchen we needed some extra space and instead of just putting all the breakfast and packages and all the things out, we've found these great little baskets with colorful insides and then we just lined them up in the bookcase and it makes just great storage along with colorful, and then it keeps everything together and just looks so much better than just having a lot of boxes. Another thing is these cute little boxes that you can find for putting your cards, your recipe cards, anything that you may have, magazines, you can put in these fun boxes and then put them up in a closet and then everything has a place. Then I am a great believer in garage sales. Love to go to garage sales and find interesting baskets and interesting containers. This was a garage sale item and we just have all the different gift cards and stationary in this basket so if the housewife has a little bit of time she can run and get a card, sit down and write on it. Again, cute little containers that hold pens, pencils. It's just great to have things where you can just know exactly where they're going to be, fun containers that will hold whatever you need, the napkins in the kitchen, and then everything has a place to go. This is Ann Myrick, and this is how to get rid of your clutter.