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Most bathing suits can be cleaned in a washing machine on a gentle cycle. Use cold water when washing bathing suits so that the colors don't run with advice from the owner of a cleaning service company in this free video on cleaning tips. View Video Transcript

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You've just spent the day at the beach or maybe pool side and you found that you're going home, you got to take the bathing suit off and you need to get it cleaned. Hi, I'm Cyn Deer. I'm with 3's Company Too and I'm going to show you how you can clean your bathing suit. O.k., first thing you want to do is when you get home you're going to take it off because it's soaking wet, it's got salt in it if you were at the beach. It's or chlorine if you were pool side. So the first thing you're going to do is take it off. And most bathing suits these days you can generally throw into your typical washer machine on a gentle cycle. You generally want to use cold water so your colors don't run. You might want to put it in; if it's a bright color you might want to put it in with other similar colors. Another thing is you want to do it as soon as you can because you want to make sure you get those chemicals off your bathing suit. Because they are abrasive and they can actually break down the suit after time. So what you're going to do, sometimes you'll get a spot. And when you get a spot you might need to rub off; use your sponge and rub the spot that has, that you have on your bathing suit. Just wipe it off. Just sometimes it helps. And then you're going to throw it in the wash machine or you're going to, you might just need to wash it by hand. Depending on what kind of material you're working on. If it's a decorated bathing suit with beads or strappies, you definitely want to wash them by hand in cold water so that the colors don't run. So was how to wash your bathing suit and I'm Cyn Deer.