How to Store Out-of-Season Clothes

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Out-of-season clothes are easily stored away in long, plastic containers that simply slide underneath the bed. Avoid running out of room in a closet by storing winter clothes with tips from a professional house cleaner and organizer in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Ann Myrick and today I'm going to show you how to store your clothes that your seasonal clothes and the clothes that you aren't using. Great different types of containers, what you want to do is just decide first what it is. Is it real thick coats, is it thin scarves, what is it that you need to store? There are many stores that have discount centers, great places to buy plastic containers. These containers are great because they're long and they can fit a lot in the, but also they're flat so they can go under a bed. So, you need to get your container first, and you really need to get one with a top on it because if you got - if you put your clothes in something that didn't have a top on it, they're going to get really dusty and dirty, so get something with a top on it. And you can just pack it, and it's best to put light things together, that way you can know where all your sweaters. You can know where all your pants are. And then these are great because you can just pack it to the top and then slide it under your bed. Now you're not going to want to slide them under your bed if you're - if you don't have a spread on your bed that comes down, because you don't want to see all the boxes under your bed when you come in your room. So this we're using because we have a bedspread on this bed that goes all the way down to the ground. Also, look around your house and see what you have, there's some great pieces that you can use dual purpose. This is a great little woven chest, but I also use it for - in the wintertime, I love using it for hats, scarves, and gloves and whatever else that kids need where they can just run in and open it up, pick out what they need, shut it, and then you can also use it as a table or use it in other areas also - I mean in other ways also, so, just look at your house - look around your house and see what you have that has a lid on that you can work with. This is Ann Myrick and that is how to store out-of-season clothes.