How to Use a Squeegee

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Whether you are washing a car or cleaning windows, a squeegee is a very useful tool. Learn how to use a squeegee with expert tips in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi everybody, my name is Tanner Falcon from Danny Tanner's Window Washing on behalf of expertvillage. com and right now I'm going to be talking about the squeegee. This is actually your first step to getting your windows done and getting them clean. This is the reason why you have streak free windows. There are a couple of different parts to a squeegee. You got your squeegee channel. This can be picked up you got to buy these separately, they come in brass or silver. Pick them up at windows101. com. You got the brass end clips. These have to be bought separately, they do not come with anything you see here. These come in little plastic baggie and you buy these separately. These are what keep the squeegee tight. This is a squeegee blade. This is actually come in packs of twenty and you can use both sides. The key part about a squeegee blade is the sides have to be sharp. When you see a dull side, as you see on this one right now, these sides are very dull, this is a used squeegee blade, you'll get streaks left and right. So stay away from these, switch sides and if at all costs, switch the squeegee blade out. And then this is the mini-squeegee, I'm going to be talking about this real quick. This is basically for French doors and tight corners. This is key to minimal streaks around the edges and it?s very very convenient to use. This is the squeegee handle. It slides off and you can fill different squeegee channels in them. Squeegee channels will come in different various sizes. You can get from eight inches to ten inches to twelve inches to fourteen to sixteen to even twenty inches long. Then you just buy the blade to match the inches. So let's go ahead and put the squeegee blade into the squeegee channel. The important part about this is you want the squeegee blade to be tight. So you place this in there, find your sharp edge, which is going to be both sides on a new squeegee blade, and you want to get these brass ends on the ends. It can be tricky 'cause the blade is going to be shorter than the channel but you're going to stretch it and that's what makes it tight. So you're going to put the end on there and you're going to clamp down, they got little teeth in there that clamp on to the squeegee blade and you're going to shove it down in there. Leave that about a quarter of an inch to an eighth of an inch out so your squeegee blade has leverage on the water that its pulling off the window. You want to bring it down right here on this side and it may slip in, but the thing about this is that you just have to make them both stay on each side, so you kind of want to hold right there and it slip like that but you want to just bring this side right here, put the clamp on this one right here, clamp it down, push it down and you're going to have some excess blade jam going on in here that will not be good. You'll have streaks, and you won't, this defeats the whole purpose of a squeegee. Pull it out 'till it you got an eighth an inch there and you got a tight bowed squeegee. So that wraps it up for the squeegees, you want to throw it in here next and we're ready to wash windows.