Removing Rust From Guns

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Removing rust from a gun requires making sure the gun is not loaded, cutting off part of an onion and scrubbing the rust from the gun with the onion. Use steel wool for stubborn rust spots on guns, and finish the job with some gun oil to prevent future... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to remove rust from your guns. There are several different things you can use to get rid of rust and if you're working a weapon, obviously you want to make sure first that it is not loaded; which this one is not. Never point it at anybody; my Dad always told me even if it's not loaded; it's just bad, bad gun manners. So one thing you want to do is grab an onion, first and foremost. Slice part of it off, like I did and use the open part of the onion as a sponge to scrub any of the rust. If you keep doing this, you may even want to wait and let the, let the onion juice dry and then go back and then do it again and you'll see the rust just flaking off. Rust is a tricky thing, but there's weird chemical reactions that happen with onions and different things like that to help get rid of it. After you've done that, if you still have some rust down in some cracks and crevices or maybe they're being a little more stubborn; grab either aluminum foil or if you have really fine steel wool, that works great too. And you want to scrub with your steel wool. After you've scrubbed all of the rust off and you've gotten all of the rust stains off, spray some gun oil or WD-40 onto it to keep it in good condition and store it in a nice dry place. And if you have children, obviously you want to store it in a safe away from little fingers, little hands. You don't want them to get near you know it's unsafe. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you remove rust stains from a gun.