Cleaning a Burnt Microwave

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An all-purpose cleaner can be used to pre-treat burnt food and grease in a microwave oven. Allow two to five minutes of pre-treating before scrubbing burnt food in a microwave with help from a residential home cleaner in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Sandy. I'm with the Maids Home Services, and I wanted to talk to you, about how to clean burnt food and grease, out of a microwave. Time is a real big issue here. You want to make sure that you have time to treat the area, because obviously, you just can't wipe over it with a cloth, and some cleaner. You want to make sure that you're pre-treating, with a good all purpose cleaner, that has a degreaser in it, and make sure that you have a scrubby. Make sure that you are pre-treating, and allowing 2-5 minutes, before you start scrubbing. You want to use your scrub pad, make sure that you're scrubbing the area. You'll have to apply force, and after that, use your cloth. Make sure you have a good cloth to wipe up any excess. If it doesn't come off after that first try, definitely you may need to do that two and three times, and you can use longer pre-treating times, as well too. You can always spray it in, do something else in the kitchen, and then come back to it. It's definitely not going to hurt the area, and the longer that you pre-treat, the shorter time you'll have in cleaning, and that will be how you clean burnt food or grease, out of a microwave.