How to Clean Antique Mirrors

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Clean antique mirrors by using or making natural, non-toxic cleaners, and wiping the mirror with a paper towel. Avoid cleaners with chemicals that could harm the finish of an antique mirror with tips from a professional house cleaner in this free video... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to clean your antique mirrors. If you have a mirror that's older, an antique, a lot of times they get a lot of character to them, the glass will discolor and get really, they're almost gray looking spots on it and it looks really cool. There's a lot of pieces like that in museums. Nowadays you can find them at garage sales and stuff like that and they're really good finds. They're awesome to have in the house and they add a lot of character to any room. Well what you want to avoid is things like commercial glass cleaners that contain ammonia. It's really not as good for any material, ammonia is more, I guess it's more, it's just a little more harsh. So what you want to do, find a green cleaner. If it says green, if it says it's non-toxic and biodegradable, it cannot have ammonia in it. This one doesn't have ammonia. I think it has corn, ethanol in it so it's perfectly safe, it's more natural. And you just want to clean it like you would any other mirror. Make sure that you use paper towels or newspaper, make sure when you're using them if you start to see streaks you want to switch sides and use the dry side, that's how you avoid streaks. If you don't want to use or go out and buy a green cleaning product just for your antique mirror, you can make your own at home with two tablespoons of vinegar in a quart of water. This works exactly the same, super cheap, all natural, works great and it's great for any delicate surface because vinegar is harmless to your friends and your family and your mirror. There we go. I am Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you clean an antique mirror.