How to Remove Ketchup & Mustard From Carpet

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To remove ketchup and mustard from carpet, scrape off the excess, blot up as much as possible, then use cold water and soap to sponge up the stain. Get out ketchup and mustard from carpet, resorting to laundry stain removers if the stain is stubborn... View Video Transcript

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Ok, and now we're moving on to the next stain, which is ketchup and mustard, very common, for people that like to eat in the living room, so ketchup and mustard are removed from the same method. It means they have a lot of water content to them , so it's actually not that difficult, as long as you catch it as soon as it happens. First thing you want to do, is remove as much of the excess as you possibly can, so that you're not spreading it around, and then just finish blotting it with a paper towel. Then, you want to use some cold water, with about a third teaspoon of soap, and then you want to sponge that into the area, pretty thoroughly. Now, most of the time, this will be able to remove the stain completely, but if it doesn't, you can also use a laundry stain remover, that you would to get these same products out of your clothing, so now that the stain is gone, you would want to let it air dry, and if you come back, and the stain is still a little bit there, it's because of the water behind it, that would leave a ring around it, and you just want to repeat the process, with that ring staying in the area of the stain, so it doesn't spread. Let it air dry again, and the stain should be completely gone.