How to Use Big Ladders for Window Cleaning

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Looking for free window cleaning tips for residential window washing? Learn all about using large, tall ladders for your window cleaning from an expert in this free house cleaning video. View Video Transcript

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Hey everybody, Tanner Falcon back from Danny Tanners' Window Washing on behalf of Right here I have my big ladder, reaches at top, I go 24 feet and the most important part of the big ladder is the standoff I call the "bull horns". This is so important to having a steady ladder and doing the job safely and not ruining your siding. This is key for not scraping the sides of your house. I want to take the ladder, when it's on the ground first, I lay it out. I want to go a head and extend two rungs out. What this is going to do is going to slip on the very first rung and it's going to come underneath and grab onto the second rung. I want to pop it in. It pops in, it's not going anywhere, and you have to kind of really pull it off. Then I want to lock it in with my locker. Now we're ready to actually get onto the side of the house. You want to come down here, make sure that your ladder claws are over the rung so it won't go down anymore. So now we're locked in. From here I will then show you actually how to get on the side of the house.