Garage Organizing Tips

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Organize a garage by keeping as much stuff as possible off of the floor, using color-coded storage bins and putting up metal shelving. Get rid of stuff in a garage that has not been used in a few years with advice from a professional house cleaner in... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and I'm going to give you some garage organizing tips. My advice is if you have a husband around get him to do it because it's most of his stuff that's going to be in the garage, and he can't blame you if somethin' gets lost. So, just give him these tips, and he should be able to throw somethin' together and have the garage lookin' awesome. The key is have as little stuff as you can on the floor. Try to hang stuff on the walls like over here. You can get hooks like this to hang bicycles, or weed eaters, things like that. Anything that you can hang up hang it on the wall. You can even use nails, you know. If you're on a budget that's a really inexpensive way to be able to hang stuff in your garage, and it's you know, it's very inexpensive and easy. Another thing is use storage bins like these. These are awesome. You could color code them you know, color coordinate em', and say the Christmas boxes are red; the Halloween boxes are orange, so you can just run out here and grab em' or you can label them, whichever works best for you. Again, if you're on a budget you can use regular boxes. Boxes are useful in so many ways. I mean, and I would say before you start to try to organize your garage, or while you're in the process of organizing it go through your stuff and see what do you really need. I'm assuming most of the time about half of your stuff can go to a consignment store or somewhere where somebody really needs it, you know, and you're just now rediscovering it after ten years because you decided to clean out the garage, so get rid of stuff. Shelves are awesome. You can get shelves like this that are metal; a little more sturdy. You can get cheaper ones that are plastic. You can make your own shelves like these that are wood. There are so many options. Just get containers and try to get as much stuff as you can off of the floor, and you should have space for your car and then some. I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and those are garage organizing tips.