Removing Rust on Silver Coins

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Rust can be removed from silver coins by letting them sit in vinegar for a couple of hours, or by massaging the rusty spots with toothpaste. Use distilled water to rinse silver coins and prevent further damage with help from a professional house cleaner... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to remove rust from your silver coins. Years and years ago, lots of coins were made of silver and they found other uses for the silver and decided to make the coins out of something a little more renewable a little more less, you know, a little less precious. Because I think they were using silver to make bullets and things like that for World War Two and anyway, there are ways you can clean these silver coins. And especially, you know any collectible silver coin you get and something you want to keep in good shape, you want to make sure to keep them in a dry place. But if you run across some that you have to have, and you want to restore them, grab some vinegar and pour it in to a glass bowl, drop your coin in to the vinegar and let them sit in there for a good couple of hours. You'll be able to see as soon as you drop these coins in there, the difference that the vinegar is making. It's some sort of chemical reaction the vinegar has with the rust and it will really, really, really clean them. It'll also get rid of any yucky smells that they may have. After you've let them sit in the vinegar, if you still see some rust on some coins, or there's certain spots, you know, get your toothpaste and use your toothpaste to message out these spots. Toothpaste, especially whitening toothpaste, has a lot of grit in it and it's great for buffing. You can grab a toothbrush and do it also. Nice and bubbling, this'll really really help shine up your silver. One thing you want to do is when you rinse the silver you want to make sure that you use distilled water because plain tap water has chemical and things in it that are not good for silver. You know, it's o.k. for your jewelry and things like that because they dry out. You know, you dry them pretty quickly but if they're something that's real collectible you want to use distilled water to rinse the silver with. So, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you remove rust from silver coins.