How to Dust a Table

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Learn how to dust a table when dusting and vacuuming your home, to instantly improve your home's appearance, in this free house-cleaning video. View Video Transcript

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This is Dan Wolstenholme on behalf of Expert Village and today we're going to show you how to dust and vacuum your home. In this segment I'm going to demonstrate how we are going to dust this table and then we're going to put some furniture polish on it after we're finished to give the table a nice glossy look. So first of all what we're going to do is grab a microfiber towel. We're going to start at the middle and work our way through. Making sure that we have any debris off of there so that it doesn't scratch the table. Taking the towel folding it the other way and wiping off the other side. Then we're going to get a clean soft cotton cloth, we're going to apply the furniture polish. Here we go. You don't need a lot, just enough to get the surface just a little bit coated. Then we're going to back and forth as well on this to give it a, the furniture a high luster polished finished. Especially on areas like right here where it's a little withered, we'll apply a little extra polish. That'll dull that down a little bit so that it doesn't stick out just as much. It helps to make it look a little bit more pleasant.