How a Vacuum Cleaner Works

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Hi. This is Travis on behalf of Expert Village. I want to talk to you now about actually how a vacuum works. To give you a better understanding of that is going to help you when you are adjusting your vacuum, whether you are running it across a hardwood floor, short carpet, a short pile carpet, a commercial grade carpet, a medium grade carpet, up into your shags. The way that it works is that you have a head on all of your upright carpets; some of them detach, some of them don't. This one happens to detach. What you can see underneath here, is that it's a flat surface and you can see the brushes here on the brush roll. So this brush roll is mounted inside and there is a belt in here. When this head is lowered down to the carpet, to the level of the carpet, and it comes in contact there, this brush combined with the suction of the vacuum is going to create a vibration effect. There's a misconception that the harder a vacuum actually sucks, that the better it actually is. And that's a misconception. It takes two things to really thoroughly clean a carpet. It takes suction and vibration. The vibration on the floor actually shakes the dirt, makes it dance around in there, vibrates it up towards the top of the carpet where it can then be lifted out by the suction power and then make its way into the bag. So, that's how it works. We will go over how to adjust your particular vacuum to your carpet, whatever grade carpet you do have, in the next clip.