How to Clean Soap Scum & Mildew from the Shower

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Cleaning soap scum and mildew from the shower is one of the toughest jobs of the housekeeper, learn how about house cleaning in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Bathrooms always seem to be the nastiest places in the house, and that’s because dirt and grime seem to find their way into little corners that you can’t get them out of. My recommendation in the bathtub to get the nasty mildew out of the corners, and of course any dirt and grime- you’re going to set a cotton ball with bleach on it right in the corner. Of course, in the corners of any of your bathtubs as well. Just set it down in the corner, while you clean the rest of your bathroom. And in a minute, the mildew will of course be gone. When you have glass doors, this nasty soap scum gets horrible, and it’s hard to get off. But if you take a lemon, the acidity will actually take it off for you. So you just wipe the lemon all over the nasty soap scum, of course on both sides because it gets on both sides. And then squeegee off and it makes the glass look so much cleaner. Another tip for people with glass doors is to take some white vinegar in the tracks. You just pour the vinegar into the tracks and let it sit for just a couple minutes, and that’s going to pull all the dirt out of that. And then you’re going to use your rag to just wipe it down. You can also pull the cotton balls out of the corners, and as you can see, that’s really helped that mildew there, and in the corner here. You can use bleach all the way along your caulking on the sides of your bathtub, and that’s going to help get all that nasty mildew stain on the outside of the bathtub as well.