Caring for Outdoor Wood Furniture

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Outdoor wood furniture can be maintained by scrubbing down the surface with mild dish soap and water, but any mold on the furniture should be sprayed with diluted bleach. Take care of wooden patio furniture every season with a demonstration from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to teach you about caring for your outdoor wood furniture. Luckily your outdoor wood furniture only needs to be tended to about once, maybe twice a year, at least every spring. Maybe sometimes in the fall. What'll happen a lot of times is in the spring, you're gettin' ready to do some landscaping and gettin' your outdoor furniture ready and it's gone an entire season without having anyone care for it. A lot of times it'll have bird droppings on it. Sometimes they'll be mold growing on it and it's going to be really dried out if the wood is not painted or finished. So you may want to purchase linseed oil just to put some moisture back into the wood, but usually, you know, you've got painted wood like this and it's very, very easy to take care of. All you want to do is get some mild dish soap like this into a bucket and put some water in there. I've already done this. I've got some sudsy warm water and you're just going to have a sponge and just wipe it down. See there's some dirty parts right here in the cracks and crevices? And they really will just wipe right off. After you've scrubbed it down really good with soapy water, you need to see, go back over your mold spots. If you have any mold on the wood, you're going to want to spray it with bleach water. So, just find any moldy spots, splay it with, spray it with bleach water. This will kill the mold instantly, then wipe the bleach water off because you don't want it sitting on the wood for too long. And once you've got your furniture nice and clean, remember, don't worry about the imperfections. It is made of wood so it needs to have a little bit of character to it, especially since it out, since it's outside and you don't want people to be afraid to sit on your wood furniture. Let it have flaws, it's not a big deal. And once you've cleaned it off really good, you just want to rinse it with a hose. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you care for outdoor wood furniture.