Food Odor Removal

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Bad and rotten food causes foul odors and smells. Learn how to neutralize, remove, and eliminate odors in this free housekeeping video. View Video Transcript

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Hi there. Today we're talking all about how to get odors out of your home. Specifically, this time, food odors. I don't know about you, but I really love to throw parties. And food parties are my favorite. Last time, I threw a great, big Indian food party, and everything smelled great. We cooked all these dishes and had a lot of fun. But the next day, I was left with these really bad lingering odors that I couldn't get rid of. So, I turned to my trusty aids to get things odor-free. First, I went to the air sanitizer and I sprayed that around. It's supposed to kill germs and get rid of scent. But it didn't do all that great of a job. So then, I moved on to the top secret potion. And that would be distilled white vinegar. What you do is you pour this in a bowl and you leave it in the middle of the room--in every room. And guess what? It took the odor away. I'm not kidding. It just absorbed it all. But not being satisfied with just that, I went ahead and made myself a solution of fabric softener and water and I shook it up in the spray bottle and sprayed it around the home. And it was safe for the drapes, safe for the rugs and the chairs and the couch. Next, I lit myself my citrus candle that I have, and it smelled great. Now, candles only work for a small area, but there's nothing to say that you can't carry it from room to room. So there you have it. Some great ideas to get rid of food odors in your home.