How to Make Your Bed

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Making the bed requires putting on the fitted sheet, smoothing out the wrinkles, laying down the top sheet, tucking in the corners, putting on the comforter and arranging the pillows as desired. Keep a bed made up nicely during the day with helpful... View Video Transcript

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Hi. I'm Rachael Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to make your bed. Everybody's bed is different. I guess there is a general way of making your bed. And also styles change with the years. I know right now nowadays everybody's all about decorative pillows. The more pillows, the better. And when you go to bed at night, you've got this gigantic pile of pillows beside your bed and I can't wait until this trend is out the window. But right now, that's the style. Anyway everybody's bed is different like I said. But there is a few general rules to making your bed. First off, you want to put your fitted sheet on. A lot of times you need somebody to help you do this if it's a bigger bed, but like this, this is just a twin size bed. It's easy. Just throw your fitted sheet on. Next you want to put your top sheet on. Or in this case, this person prefers just a thin blanket. Or a lot of times people will use a thin blanket like this instead of a top sheet because it's cold outside and right now it is winter time so this is a very good idea. The main thing is, you want your bed to look good, you want it to look nice, so make sure to get all the wrinkles out layer by layer. Don't try to smooth them out at the end when you're done. Cause it's not going to work. Then if you have a comforter, sometimes people have a down comforter that go under their decorative comforter. In this case this is just one comforter that serves one purpose and that's to cover up with. Some people don't cover up with their comforters. They like to fold them up at the end of the bed and not use them. I mean it's whatever you want to do, obviously. But. Another good tip is, when you're thinking of how you're going to put your room together, try to envision putting your bed somewhere where one side of it is not going to be against the wall. It is so much harder to make a bed when one side of it is up against the wall. Cause then you're having to climb over it and you're making all these wrinkles and you're messing up the covers while you're trying to make the covers. Anyway, you get the clue. Next throw your pillows on there however you want. However you think looks best. And then for kids, you've got stuffed animals. Maybe little pillows that they've had since they were babies. And it's that simple. I'm Rachael Yatuzis and that is how you make your bed.