How to Use a Window Cleaning Blade

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Hi everybody, my name is Tanner Falcon from Danny Tanner's Window Washing on behalf of Expert I want to talk about the usage of a blade on your windows. A blade is very important if you want to get off water spots, any kind of gunk and most importantly, paint from doing trim work. A blade is key because you need to know the different between good blade and blade. This blade will scrape your window and will cost you a lot of money. You need to make sure when you buy a pack of blades, you buy them separately, separate from the handle, you buy the plastic handle with an angle and then you buy the blade pack. You want to make sure that you always use a good side. If you see a chip, don't keep going and scraping, you will scrape your window. Remove the blade, find the good side, place it on the holster, make sure its secure and then insert the blade into the handle like so 'till it clicks, 'cause if its not in all the way, you'll have it come popping out and you can cut yourself or you could scrape the window. That sums it up for the blade. You want to make sure that you're very safe with the blade and always try to use a cover, if you're not using a cover, make sure the blade is somewhere off to where a child can't touch it or an animal can't touch it.