Spot Treating Carpet

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DAVID GREEN: David Green with Before, we showed you the cleaning techniques as far as rinsing and extracting the carpet, one thing that we forgot to mention was if there's--we spilled some chemical out there--but if you have some bad spots that you come across, we recommend--what we do as professionals is we carry a spot cleaner. This is a stronger product than our pre-treatment, our pre-spray that we initially sprayed. This is about four times as concentrated of actually the same product. This is a spot cleaning ratio, and this is what we talked about prior as well as the spot cleaner that we sell to our customers. So we actually provide to our customers our strongest solution, except with the fact that this will remove, by far, the majority of all stains that people will come across or professionals will come across. But there are certain stains that require very specific, very precise chemistry where you have to get into other specialty products that really only professionals should deal with. But this is great for consumers as well. So when we're cleaning it, if we are doing our normal rinsing and extracting and we come across a bad spot, we'll have this on our belt as well as some different tools to scrub the carpet--dropping stuff out there. Do you have your gum getter in there, that brush? Okay, we came unprepared. But normally we have a brush as well. This is a tool for removing gum and other things. You can use this on a normal carpet, but as well as we normally have a spotting brush, but this will work. We'll give you a little demonstration. Since we don't have any spots on this carpet, we'll create a little bit of a sundae that we can use. And this, you know is--this is oily in the sense that it's got fats in there, which this actually acts as a good strong degreaser as well. We got some chocolate syrup to add to the sundae, and of course you gotta have strawberries and lots of sugar from that sundae. All right.