How to Unclutter Your Home

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Unclutter a home by going through each room and separating what items can be donated to charity and putting other items in containers. An uncluttered home is a happy home and is easily achieved with tips from a professional house cleaner and organizer in... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Ann Myric and today we're going to talk about uncluttering your home. What you want to do is, you need to go through your house, each room, and what have you not use for a year. Are there clothes that you haven't use, are there toys that the kids haven't used and just go through each room and clean out. And best way, best place to take those items that you no longer going to use, would be Salvation Army or Good Will because there are plenty of people out there that could use them and need them. Another thing you could do is use containers. In this room, it's a very nice room but we have, this is a reader. We have a lot of books. They fall of the shelf. So one thing to do is, there's great retail shops, discount shops where you can get great baskets, great canvas bags to put your things in. So in this little piece, it's a great piece but I'm just going to make it more organized by containing all the books. So now it's just much neater but then very contained. Also, garage sales are great places. Garage sales and flea markets. I love finding interesting pieces. Old metal baskets. I found this for a dollar and I love stationary and cards. And I always like to keep them out but I never know, I don't want to keep them out in just and old plastic container. So what I would do is organize my cards and just put them in a fun container and then I would the container is pretty enough just to have out. So then I could just place the container on a table or under a shelve and it looks pretty along with keeping all my stationary. Decluttering, organizing as much as you can, throwing out, keeping like objects together, labeling containers, labeling baskets, so children will know what goes in what, those are ways to declutter. This is Ann Myrick and I have just showed you how to declutter your house.