How to Clean a Ceiling Fan

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House cleaning involves every aspect of the home including ceiling fans and fan blades. Cleaning ceiling fans and ceiling fan blades requires a ladder and any kind of clinging fiber like microfibers. Since these are usually very dusty, employ these items... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Ann Myrick, and today I'm going to show you how to clean a ceiling fan. First thing you want to do is turn your ceiling fan off, and you want to be sure that the blades aren't going around while you're doing this. Several ways that you can clean it. You can get a ladder, you can go up, you can put an old glove on your hand and you can just put the blade softly in your hand and just wipe your hand across it. That's one way to clean it. People love using the microfibers, because the microfiber just kind of clings to the dirt. That's another way. I have this great little duster extension so I can use this, and this way I can get the light fixtures and go around and get each light fixture, and then also get the ceiling fan. As you see, all the dust and the dirt drop. And then another way you could do it, and I like this way also, is you could get your extension rods and have it long, and then a brush on your vacuum cleaner. And this way, you can get up on your ladder, and this way, as you clean it dust and dirt is going to go right into the vacuum cleaner. It's not going to drop. So, that's another way to do it is to use your vacuum cleaner. While you're cleaning your lights this might be a good time also to take your glass globes down. In soapy water wash em, dry em' and check your light bulbs, and be sure all your light bulbs are haven't blown out, and then you have a clean fan. This is Ann Myrick, and that's how you clean your your fan.