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Hi. This is Travis on behalf of Expert Village. I am talking to you about vacuums, vacuum accessories, vacuum types, and how to vacuum. And what we want to show you right now are vacuum belts. What we are speaking about today is using an upright vacuum that has a separate head on it that is detachable so that you can attach a hose for canister type cleaning. But, what we are talking about now is the head. Usually there are belts associated with any type of upright vacuum. And when you go to replace those belts, you are going to have a choice. The choices are always just like anything that you go buy. You are going to have the cheap belts, medium-grade belts, and more expensive belts. My opinion is that you get what you pay for, spend a little bit more money. Even though it looks like just a little rubber band, they are made differently. The cheaper belts are going to last, on average, about half as long as the more expensive belts. The more expensive belts are that way for a reason, because they last longer and are a better quality and grade. So, if you are going to go out and buy yourself some new belts, I would recommend going with the more expensive belts that are going to last longer for you.