Locating Problem Areas in the Toilet of Minerals & Deposits

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Learn how to remove minerals and deposits from the bathroom with tips such as how to locate problem areas in the toilet in this free online video lesson. View Video Transcript

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Hi I am Mark Williams and on behalf of Expert Village and the producer of this series you can visit our website at www.williamspictures.net. Now toilets are completely different case entirely. They do have some chrome on the trip levers. But primarily your problems is going to lay in the bowl and there are a lot of times where a rust ring will develop around inside the bowl. Usually it is were the water level stays or a ring of lime would develop and lime also develops in the jet port below the trap way and up and up along the trap way and up in the trap way itself where it would eventually swell shut causing your toilet to clog because the trap way isn't at its full capacity. In which case you are going to want to go with this stuff, which is Sateens de-limer. You can get this usually plumber's shop or something like that. I have not seen it out in the market but it is the best stuff. Other ones would include anything that is more strong and do not use hydrochloric acid. In the past plumbers have used moradic acid. I don't know if it is available anymore. You can use CLR but you are going to need at least a gallon of a de-liming agent CLR, Lime Away, your are going to need at least a gallon of it.