Make Your Own Glass Cleaner

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A homemade glass cleaner can be created with 4 tablespoons of vinegar and water that are mixed together in a spray bottle. Add rubbing alcohol to the cleaning mixture for more power with help from a professional house cleaner in this free video on glass... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to make your own glass cleaner. This glass cleaner is all natural, it's non-toxic, it's biodegradable and it works really good. All you need is about 4 tablespoons of vinegar into a spray bottle. You probably want to get a spray bottle bigger than this you know this is for demonstration purposes you can use a little it bigger one. And you don't have to measure the vinegar out exactly, just a splash of it. Just fill your container up with water and you have your own homemade glass cleaner. It works excellent, vinegar evaporates really well so it's really good at not leaving streaks and if you think you need something with a little more power behind it grab your rubbing alcohol and add about 2 tablespoons of this to your glass cleaner, but make sure if you do that you keep it out of the reach of your kids and your pets, because once you add this rubbing alcohol it's no longer non-toxic. And you don't want somebody getting into that and drinking it because it does look like water when it's in the container. Vinegar and water is harmless, so I highly suggest using this you can use to clean your entire house. You can spray your window and go right and spray your hardwood floor right after it. So it's really the ultimate all-purpose cleaner, but if you want to add a little bit of kick to it make sure you label the bottle if you put rubbing alcohol in it. Say, you know, toxic, put it out of the reach of kids and pets and you should be good. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you make homemade glass cleaner.