Tips for Cleaning Self-Cleaning Ovens

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The door of a self-cleaning oven will usually have a dial with a "clean" option on it. Follow an instruction manual to use a self-cleaning oven, and clean up after it is finished, with help from a residential home cleaner in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Sandy and I'm with The Maids Home Services. I wanted to give you some tips on how to clean a self cleaning oven. You'll have a knob, if you look on your oven, you'll have a knob, that'll...a dial with a clean option on it. You'll make sure you'll want to set that to clean and follow your instruction manual, owner's manual on how to get that going. Every stove is going to be different with different knobs and buttons, so obviously after it's gone through the self cleaning mode, you're going to have some ash left behind. Maybe even some stains. There are going to be some burnt on areas that may need some additional work. You'll need some powder cleanser, just a de-greaser, all purpose, and a sponge, and obviously a cloth to wipe it all up. What I like to do is going ahead with thee cleaner, thee all purpose cleaner and wipe everything down. Get all the ash out and then you can kind of see where you're at as far as stains go. And then, obviously if you see something burnt on or left behind, you'll use the powder cleanser and a scrubby to clean thee area and scrub it out. The self cleaning mode actually knocks all of that stuff loose and makes it a lot easier to clean. And then I'll...after you have scrubbed it out with your all purp...or your powder cleanser rather, and your scrubby, again, you'll just rinse everything out with a all purpose cleaner. Rinse the walls, not forgetting the ceiling. A lot of times, people will forget to do the celling as well. Make sure that you do not use an oven cleaner, any any sort of spray oven cleaner inside of a self cleaning oven. It will definitely damage the self cleaning mechanism. And once you've sprayed it in there and used it, it will damage the whole component and you won't ever use the self cleaning dial or it will it won't go through the process for you. It does cause a lot of damage to that, to that element and to the to the component of it all. And again, that's how you, that's some of the tips that you can use when you're cleaning self cleaning ovens.