Selecting Tip Cuttings to Propogate House Plants

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Learn how to select tip cuttings for growing houseplants from tip cuttings in this free home gardening video from our plant propagation expert. View Video Transcript

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Now we have our pots, we have our rooting hormone and we have our cuttings. So now we're ready to plant. So, I guess first we will start with our coleus. It's all you need. This one we'll probably just press into the soil. Sometimes if you need a hole, you can dibble a hole. But, that's that. I'll do the plectranthus again. These two plants will probably root without rooting hormone. This vinca definitely wants rooting hormone. So, typically we stick two plants together. So I'm just doing two together because one might just look a little wispy. It's allowed, you can stick two together. Maybe for this bridal veil, no maybe stick three. I'll just break them all off so they are the same length. Dip them in the hormone, stick them in the soil. All right. That was easy, now we have four plants. Now we have to water them in. It's just water, there's no fertilizer in here because there's a little bit of fertilizer already in the soil. So, as a start I charge, so we don't want to give them too much because it might burn them. All right, let's let that sink through a little bit. Stand them back up. Now we wait three or four weeks and we'll see what happens. It just so happens you can see. This is mint, these were three weeks ago. This is Swedish ivy, same thing I put like three plants together, bridal veil and you can see they are starting to grow.