How to Buy a Riding Lawn Mower

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When buying a riding lawn mower, make sure to pick one that is easy to operate, comfortable and designed for specific lawn care needs. Find out how to pick a riding lawn mower based on the size of the lawn with this free video from a professional... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey, with Showplace Lawns. How to buy a riding lawnmower. As a landscape contractor, we do a lot of mowing, and we tend to be buying a lot of equipment, from time to time. The best thing I can tell you on that, is to find something that you will be comfortable with. Not necessarily the cheapest thing on the market, but something that will be built really well, something that will last, something that you know that you can handle, be it one with handlebars, a steering wheel, or the zero turns with the sticks. The zero turn mowers that we use, help us from a commercial standpoint, to do a tighter corners, and make a quicker job, but they're comfortable riding, and once you learn the concept of the zero turn operation, I'm willing to bet that you'll never go back to another type of lawnmower, but the most important factor is, are you comfortable with it? Can you operate it safely? The second thing is, how big of an area do you have? That should determine what the width will be. These widths will go anywheres from about thirty inches in width, up to seventy two inches, which is right at six feet. Depending on how much room to maneuver, how big of an overall place you have, that should help determine the size. Again, what are you comfortable with, and what can you handle? There's some good ones on the market. I would recommend taking a professional machine, from one of the local equipment dealers. Not only do they have the service department, to do the service and warranty work, but the machine will not let you down near as much, as the more economical varieties that are available. The riders at the commercial outfits build, are built to last, and if you're using it once every ten days or twice a month, and you take care of it, a commercial riding lawnmower, will last you for almost ever, so again, what are you comfortable with? What is easy for you to learn how to handle, and how can you operate it safely? Those are the keys, more so than anything else. Then the width, is determined by how big a space, how easy it is to turn around and get in and out. Those are the characteristics to need, when you're buying a lawnmower.