How to Care for Bamboo Plants

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Bamboo plants should be placed in a sunny environment that doesn't provide too much shade. Grow bamboo plants with tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveen, and next we're going to learn about how to take care of a bamboo plant. Bamboos are one of the most beautiful plants in the world. They'll grow in almost any conditions, and they're really only a grass. So, bamboos are just like the grass in your yard. They're really hardy. They just have a root and a stem, and even the smallest pieces can grow in different areas. And when you're planting your bamboo make sure and give em' full hot sun. They'll handle a little bit of shade but they really like sunny conditions, so never put em' in too much shade. They won't do that well. And there are two kinds of bamboo you got to remember. There's the kind that runs everywhere, and they will take over and it'd be impossible to get rid of, or there's the more clumpier bamboo, which stays more clumpy and more like a tree when it comes up. This is a running bamboo so I keep it in pots. I do not dare put it in the ground cause' it will just take over. So even in the ground I would give it plastic or I'd put the pot in the ground itself. I would never let it go right into the ground because it will just multiply and become a big problem eventually. So be careful when you plant bamboo; especially the running types, because they can take over a whole area, and ten years down the line you do not want to spend three weeks trying to get rid of it. So either buy the clumping varieties that stay clumping, or just put em' in containers. Either way, you can enjoy them for many years, so treat em' like you treat your lawn. Water em' real well, like let em' drain out in between. If it gets really crowded maybe divide em' out, but put em' in center part shade and just make sure that you water em'. And never let em' too dry or too wet; good drainage is a good key, and you'll never lose em'. Bamboo are so easy to grow.