How to Grow Chamomile

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When growing chamomile in warmer climates, the herb will bloom almost the entire year, and it can be started by the roots or by seeds. Grow chamomile and use the seeds for tea with tips from an experienced gardener in this free video on gardening and... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda from And in this segment, we're learning more about herbs and specifically we're learning about how to grow chamomile. Now many of us enjoy chamomile because its a beautiful, beautiful herb that is very soothing and very calming and the plant itself is very easy to grow in your garden as well. Its beautiful and it has like daisy-like flowers all over it. And you can just start it by the roots or you can start it by seed. But its a perennial in many areas it never dies back. In colder climates it will die back and come back in the spring. But in warmer climates, its evergreen and it will bloom almost all year round. And chamomile is a beautiful plant and its actually the seeds or the flower heads that they use for the chamomile teas, so they just dry them out and just put them in teabags and then seep them in some water and you can have your own chamomile tea. A lot of people use it right on salads as well. There are many, many uses for chamomile but its very easy to grow. Just put the root or start by seed and plant them usually in the spring or you can also plant them in the fall and they'll grow as well. So make sure and plant about three inches deep or make sure that the roots are very covered, or if its a seed that its worked into the soil. And water it well in the summer because it likes full, hot sun and grows naturally in the meadows. So its a beautiful plant for your yard.