Organic Lettuce Gardening Tools

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A spade shovel is a useful gardening tool for growing organic lettuce. Learn more about tools you can use from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Okay, today we're planting the lettuce bed. We're going to use several tools. One of the tools we're going to be using is a shovel. It's a spade shovel with a nice point on it. And we're going to be digging up some of this dirt and breaking it loose, getting it, getting it ready for the lettuce bed. Now I used to come out here, and work real hard and try and get these beds perfect, but they don't always have to be perfect, just good enough to establish where you're going to put the bed. Now after we've used the shovel, we're going to be using the rake, raking out the ground, getting it broke up, and nice and loose for the lettuce bed, and getting rid of any weeds that happen to be in our way. Okay. Then, we're going to move onto just a simple stick. Again, years ago, I used to be real meticulous about how I put the seeds in, but now, we just cut a line with the stick and we're good. These are the tools that we will be using today to plant the lettuce.