Clean the Deck of a Riding Lawn Mower

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Clean the deck of a lawn tractor with a puddy knife, make sure the deck is able to process the grass and tractor maintenance in this free maintenance video. View Video Transcript

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Hi. I'm Paul Popplewell, with Central Equipment Company. I've been employed with them for 18 years. I'm here today to represent Expert Village. After we've sharpened our blades, we want to clean the deck and make sure it's ready to be stored for the season, too. Obviously, this is not that deck that we removed -- that was on a new mower but for illustration purposes, we've chosen this older deck. For this, we'll need a general putty knife or a scraper of some sort and a pair of (safety) glasses. We want to clean up all this grass and old buildup from under the deck. Obviously, on your mower deck, you can't make it look new. You just want to get the big chunks out of here to make sure the deck is able to process the grass. You don't have to get every single bit out of your mower deck.