Types of Flowering Vines

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There are several types of flowering vines, but some of the most popular include the coral vine, the trumpet vine and the Carolina Jessamine. Produce flowers in a variety of colors with flowering vines using information from a professional landscaper in... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Let's talk about types of flowering vines. There's three good types of flowering vines. The Coral vine, which is coral in color and it's a lot different because it's not your standard red, yellow, white...it's a good, looks good up against a fence or on a trellis. Trumpet vine is another one. And Trumpet is sort of an orange color and it's got an elongated bloom as it sticks out. Sort of that look of a trumpet blowing. The third one is one that the the name probably throws all of us. It's Carolina Jessamine. Most of us, myself included, have referred to that as Carolina Jasmine. It's not quite, but Carolina Jessamine, J E S S A M I N E. It's yellow and it can flourish really great in the right conditions. So three flowering vines. Car, the Carolina Jessamine, the Trumpet vine, and the Coral vine.