How To Plan An Organic Garden

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Right here we have peppermint. This is- I use this for tea, and this is a perennial, so it does die back in the winter, and I have other things growing in the winter, and this comes back in spring and becomes very prolific by the end of summer. Over here, I have lambs ear, it’s another herb. And this, in the heat of the summer, will die back and it gets very prolific in the winter, early spring. And next to it is yarrow, and this yarrow does not like heat at all. So when it gets toward the end of summer that will die out. And here is a horsetail. And I have this…this kind of goes wild so you want to keep it in a contained place, because it spreads. So you want to think about the container for certain herbs, and if they’re going to die down and the roots are still there what you want to have the other part of the year in that area.