How to Grow Rosemary

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Rosemary is an herb that loves a full, hot sun and requires a little bit of room because of its root system. Plant rosemary any time of year with tips from an experienced gardener in this free video on gardening and growing herbs. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda from And in this segment, we're going to talk about how to grow rosemary. An herb garden is one of the delights of gardening, and it's so rewarding to go out and take a little piece of rosemary and put it in with your chicken when it's baking and it just makes it delightful and it makes for a delightful dinner, too. So rosemary is a wonderful herb that has a great fragrance, and it grows really easily and it loves full, hot sun. And I made the mistake and I planted mine in a little bit too much shade, but I'm going to dig it up and I'm going to move it into more sun, and I'll show you how. This is what rosemary looks like. It almost looks like a lavender plant in a lot of ways. It's very woody and has little sprigs just like the rosemary sprigs that you buy when they're dried in the containers for cooking. So when I'm digging it up, they do have a nice root system, so you don' want to give it a little bit of room when you're digging it up. Don't dig it up too close to where it's at. Okay. You can move them any time of the year, and this one has a nice root system, and it hasn't done that well in the shade. You can tell. Look at how this is kind of lanky. It's reaching for the sun. It should be more full. So I'm just going to transplant that into a sunnier location where it'll do much better. And I've mixed my herbs with my flowers with my grasses and with my shrubs and with my trees, and I mix all of my flowers together. And they seem to like it. So it's your choice: you can plant rosemary with other plants and other herbs that are the same. You can plant rosemary any time of the year, and it can handle really cold temperatures. So you can set it aside in your herb garden and only grow herbs in a certain area, or you can do what I've done is just mix and match it with other plants. And that way, you can enjoy it all summer long and enjoy the fruits of the labors by drawing some stems out and using it in your cooking for the rest of the year.