Giving Plants as Gifts

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On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Craig Morrell I’m with Landscape Restorations in Miami, Florida. We’re here at Palm Hammock Orchid Estate in Miami, Florida talking about basic gardening. The title of this clip is giving plants away and here is a very good example. Here’s a plant that was giving to me as a single cutting just about 3 inches tall, this is plectranthus Mona Lavender and a beautiful plant, easy to grow even as house plant in other states and other then Florida. This is one of the best examples of a terrific plant at no charge. Give plants away, there’s nothing wrong with it, particularly if you’re giving a rare plant, by all means do give it to some else because in case you happen to loose it or something happens to your plant collection during the winter time and the heat goes off, you’ll have another plant at your disposal. Particularly with botanical gardens, with public parks, even with big estates, give some plants away, make sure that they stay alive, make sure that they’re alive some place, don’t be the only one to have ever had that plant, don’t be the last person in the world to have killed the plant, give them away.