Planting Spinach in Raised Garden Beds

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We are going to be planting in this raised bed now some spinach and this particular variety is called Coretta. At my store, I usually have seed for Bloomingdale which is the old timey spinach that has been around for ever and a day. Spinach can be notoriously hard to germinate from seed because it is real real sensitive about soil temperature and conditions. So sometimes people plant seeds on a ground and it is too warm and then wonder why the stuff doesn't come up. I am pushing these plants from the bottom and we've got a lot of roots that are going over into the next cell so we've got to be careful about getting them out of there without tearing them up. Sometimes tearing up the 9 pack is a better way to go about it because these things are hooked together quite a bit. See the amount of roots growing over into that next cell because these things are hooked together quite a bit. See the amount of roots growing over into that next cell. The main thing is to keep the root system as in tact as possible when you are planting these things because the more you tear them up, the more transplant shock that particular plant is going to undergo. See this one has a chunk taken out it right there and some of those roots may not have been just plants that we just got through tearing up. It could have been from the other plant. It is hard to know. But stick them in the ground the right depth again, you don't want to get them too deep, you've got the crown covered up and the crown will rot and they will die. A lot of times spinach is not transplanted but it can be done successfully. The main thing is to have a good soil, a good medium to plant in and we have a good one and we should be successful with our spinach. As I said while ago, we will come back to check to make sure when we water these things in, that we don't have them too deep and we don't end up having them too shallow.