What Are Easy Indoor Plants?

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Easy indoor plants that can thrive in a window include a jade plant, cyclamen, spider plants, a Christmas cactus, philodendrons and ficus trees. Find a plant that does not require a dormant winter season with information from a sustainable gardener in... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we want to talk about, what are easy indoor plants? Now, pretty much any plant in the world, can be an indoor plant, and many of the plants that come from the tropical areas, which are any plants nearer the equator, from really warm climates, where they don't have a winter, do really well as houseplants, and here are a couple of my favorites. I love Jade plant, because it doesn't need a whole lot of water at all, you can keep it really dry. It likes sunlight from a sunny window, but it will live without hardly any light at all, and even if you break off a couple of the little parts of the stems, or the leaves, put it right into the ground, and they'll start roots, and they'll grow a new plant, it's that easy. Cyclamen are great indoor plants, and they make beautiful leaves and gorgeous foliage, and this one is really interesting too. I love it. It's got silver leaves too, so cyclamen are great, because they're actually a bulb, and so they'll just keep growing lots and lots of flowers, and orchids are considered more difficult as indoor plants, but I love them, they're so easy for me. I don't do a lot to them. Usually, I'll buy them when they're in bloom, and you can enjoy them while they're in bloom, and then they'll turn around, and the blooms die, and then you're left with a plant, and it may bloom, or it might not bloom again, but in the end, it's still a beautiful houseplant, and I have found, just by keeping it in a sunny window, and watering and drying it out, it will just start blooming again eventually, and they're a great indoor plant. Some of my other favorites are spider plants, I love my spider plants, because they'll send off all types of rocket ships, and easy to start new ones, and then a Christmas cactus, is also really a nice indoor plant, as well as philodendrons, which are the big leafy houseplants, or ficus trees are really nice too, and they're real easy, as long as you have a sunny window for them, so pretty much any plant in the world, that's from the tropics, makes a great indoor plant, and even the plants that you don't think are easy, why not try them all? and just go to your local garden center, or farmer's market, or garden show, and look around, and pretty much any plant that you think looks good, bring it home, and you will find that it's an easy indoor plant.