Preparing Roses for Vases

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Nothing beats the classic rose bouquet. Learn how to prepare roses for a vase in this free flower video clip about rose arrangements. View Video Transcript

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K, there's a dozen roses like this; this is just an inexpensive dozen you can pick up at the grocery store. Preferably at the local florist because I'm a florist. And then what you want to do is prepare your roses like this, you want to take off your foliage and your thorns that are going to be in the water. So you?re going to clean each one, so whatever's going to be down in the vase you want to take all the foliage and all the thorns off. And then give each one a nice cut at an angle. You can start at the top and just go around like that. Also there'll be some guard petals on the roses, so what you want to do is peel off any brown or bruised petals. Those are your outer petals. And again you're going to clean each rose and then you're going to place it in the vase. Then you're going to go like that, keeping them apart because as the rose opens up it's going to be larger. So you don't want them touching. So again we're going to clean each stem, cut it; place it in the vase and you're going to go around, and this is how you arrange a dozen roses. Quite simple, again make sure you cut each stem. This way the rose will be drinking and you'll enjoy it longer.