Collecting Seeds from Beans

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Beans are good beginner crops for heirloom seed savers. Learn about getting into bean heirloom seed saving from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Beans are another wonderful crop that you can save very easily. A great crop for beginners to get started with. You can see these scarlet runner beans are fully mature, fully formed and swollen. Perhaps, not to the point of fully dry. But, ready and viable to be collected and shelled and saved when they are fully dry. Here you can see three more varieties of heirloom beans that have been saved. This is a King of the North, an American heirloom. Which, we saved here at Laughing Dog Farm. And, this is a pole bean from the Kingdom of Bhutan. Which, was brought back by a friend of ours. And, yet another pole bean. The Bhutanese word is hsinchu. And, we're extremely excited to plant these heirloom bean seeds. Now, the way to save bean seeds the way to collect them is to allow the seed to grow and become fully mature. Often times, at the top of a pole or a trellis. The ones that you can't reach, the ones that you can't harvest during the season, they're the perfect ones to save for seed. Because, they're extremely well developed and robust and completely, well they're probably the most viable. Because, they're right up at the top of the plant. So, when we're done growing pole beans and we pull down the vines there's a beautiful seed crop just waiting for us right at the top of the trellis.