How to Plant Potted Roses

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When planting potted roses, make sure to dig a hole that provides enough space for the roots to grow. Plant roses with tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from And next we're going to learn about how to plant potted roses. Now I have this rose that we dug up from our last property a year and a half ago and I threw it in a pot, and I really haven't taken care of it very well. I haven't watered it very well or maintained it but it's still alive and I'm very happy about that. And I want to plant it in the ground. Now I'm putting some plants into the ground and it seems, they seem to do better in the ground because as far as watering, where as these I wasn't watering very well and I think they'll do better in the ground. So the key is just making enough room for the potted plant. And you want to make extra room too. So you want room for the roots to grow. So not only do you want to dig a hole that's big enough for the rose itself, you want to leave a little bit of extra space so that the roses, so you want to leave a little bit extra space so that the roots have room to grow. So I'm just kind of going in a circle, little bit extra. Doesn't have to be worked up too much. Kind of get some of the dirt out. And that should be a good enough hole. O.k. when taking it out of the pot if it doesn't slide right out a lot of times you can actually push the pot down and work with it a little bit because then it will slide out a little better. But as predicted this one is coming right out. So a lot of times what I want to do too is stimulate those roots. So if I break up some of the dirt, the old dirt so that the roots can get some fresh air. That's the key too. I'm breaking up the old dirt so it can get some oxygen and so my rose will grow better. So now that I'm planting it; got a tag. Kind of put the roots so they're stretched, stretched out a little bit. And then just kind of cover it in. And I wan to bring the dirt back up to the top of the root line. So don't really want to cover up any of the branches. I just want to make sure all the roots are covered up. Now I have a beautiful rose in the ground. It's out of the pot. Has room to grow. It needs to be trimmed aback a bit so I can get some new growth on it. But I'm sure by next year this time it'll be lush and full, and beautiful.