How to Kill Japanese Beetles on Grape Plants

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Japanese beetles can plague grape plants, but planting garlic, chrysanthemums, marigolds, lavender and spearmint around the grape plants can protect them from a multitude of pests. Repel Japanese beetles, rinsing off plants regularly with a hose, with... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to kill Japanese beetles on grape plants. Now Japanese beetles originated from Japan but they're now all over the world and they're doing major devastation on your crops and so if they're on your grape plants they're going to eat away all the leaves and all the grapes and pretty much eventually kill your plant. So there is a lot of ways that you can protect yourself from even getting the beetles in your garden in the first place. So first of all I always find that to ward off a lot of different bugs away from your grape plants try planting garlic, try planting marigolds, try planting all types of chrysanthemums or lavender or any types of spearmint around your grapes. Most bugs don't like those plants so they'll avoid those plants and a lot of times they won't come through those plants to get to your grapes so by planting those together a lot of times you can stop a lot of the bugs from eating your grapes. Another trick is actually putting oil or any kind of vegetable oil or olive oil on to the grape plants when they are dormant so when they do start growing too a lot of times the beetles won't get near the trees because the oil won't hurt the plant it won't hurt the fruits but the bugs don't like it at all. If it's still a big issue, a lot of people are using neem oil from a tree from India and it does really well as far as stopping bugs from doing any damage and killing them very quickly because it just suffocates them. So a lot of books will tell you to use pyrethrins which are just from chrysanthemums and it is one of the most deadly chemicals in the world and they're finding that women that wash their animals with any kind of pyrethrin soap they're children have twice as much of a chance to have autism. So we don't know a lot about pyrethrins and we don't know a lot of about a lot of even natural ways to get rid of bugs so I always go back to oil and washing it off. When all else fails just keep hosing off your grape plants with the hose. Get a really sharp sprayer and just spray the bugs off and if you keep watering your grapes over and over and over and wash the bugs off a lot of times they won't become the problem that they were in the past. So it's a good fight but there is a lot of ways that you can get rid of those Japanese beetles without using harmful chemicals.