Selecting a Location for Your Herb Garden

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Where to plant: Growing your own indoor - outdoor herb garden: Learn how to make a basic herb garden in this free gardening video series, with tips for herb selection, soil preparation methods, planting techniques, and herb plant maintenance. View Video Transcript

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Hello, my name is Jose Zuniga. I'm representing We are going to talk about planning the location for our herb garden. You know take into consideration that herbs require between 4-6 hours of sunlight. I like to plant them as close as possible to the house. And also if there is a tree nearby, that is definitely going to help us because they don't get direct sun throughout the day. Now another thing that you need to plan for the location is try to plant them as close as possible to your kitchen. Cause that way when you are cooking, you stepped out in a New York minute, and you are ready to select your herbs and you are back in the house. If you are doing an indoor herb garden, go place them in front of the window so they could at least get 4 hours of sunlight. Now if you don't have a window in your kitchen, don't worry; bring the plant out at lease every other day and let it sit there on the porch or in your patio for at least 4 hours every other day and you would be fine. So planning the location for your herb garden is extremely important. So this is how we plan our herb garden.