Growing Borage

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Borage is an herb that can be used to decorate plates and is also known for its fragrance. Learn how to grow Borage in your herb garden in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Stan DeFrietas, Mr. Green Thumb. When you think about different herbs, you might think about borage. Now a lot of folks probably have not grown this particular herb. But you probably might consider it. You can see it’s got a beautiful green leaf which can be used just to decorate plates for that matter, somewhat like you used for parsley. But it also has a nice little bit of fragrance to it. So it can be used as you would many plants as a little garnish in your dish. And it can also of course be used as the herb itself, sometimes cut up and used for flavoring. Like many of the herbs, it's going to want a soil that's well draining. So you are going to make sure it has a good combination of peat, maybe Pearlite or Vermiculite, maybe a little bit of sand, so you got good drainage. It's important for most of your herbs. Now this one can probably get a little drier than some of them but make sure that you do keep it also on the moist side. Remember, the smaller the container, the more frequently you have to water. So if it's in a very small pot, you are going to water this thing maybe once or twice a day. Where if it's in a very large pot, maybe you can go once every, well, every four or five days. Borage should be another herb that you might want to consider growing for your palate and your garden. For on gardening, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb.