Lawn Spreader Safety

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Generally, when you are using something like a seeder, that you're not really applying anything that's dangerous. The P.P.E., personal protective equipment that you might need would be fairly minimal. I would think that with something like this, you would need some eye protection. So some protective eye wear would probably be the maximum P.P.E. that would be required here unless you're applying some kind of a pesticide. But since this is generally considered a seeder there shouldn't be any trouble with that. Even applications of fertilizer, people don't generally get into the long sleeve shirts, and the gloves, and things like that unless there's a pesticide on the fertilizer. Sometimes you buy fertilizer and it has a weed control on it, or it has fungicide on it and you might consider the long sleeve shirt and the gloves. Now, you definitely in any situation, you'll probably want to wear some sturdy shoes and long pants so that you don't end up with your flip-flops full of fertilizer or seed, either way.