Eucomis Exotic Flower Bulbs

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Eucomis is a beautiful South African flower. Learn how to plant eucomis flower bulbs with expert gardening tips in this free exotic flower video. View Video Transcript

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Eucomis or pineapple Lilies are a gorgeous South African plant that does really in center shade, they grow in almost any condition. I just love them in my garden. I love my pink pineapples because they have purple stripes on the foliage so the look really exotic even when they're not in bloom. They look like a Bromeliad with the gorgeous stripes in the foliage and then when they bloom they just have a pineapple looking flower that's just a beautiful plant. The bulbs are really spectacular looking, they look like a little pyramid so the tip goes up, when in doubt go sideways and I like to do three in a triangle, they love to be in containers or the ground they'll grow almost anywhere. Their always sold for sun, but I found they do great in shade too. Mine have done grown anywhere where a Hosta or Fern will grow with beautiful foliage. The white Eucomis is an easy plant to. I plant it in center shade, wet or dry conditions, they'll grow almost anywhere. They look just like a little pyramid and I plant them about three inches deep and they have gorgeous foliage and then all of a sudden they have beautiful blooms in September, October so their late, late blooming in the Northwest. There just a beautiful South African plant that I really enjoy in my garden. The next South African plants that we'll talk about is Calalilies.