How to Water Your Garden

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How often should you water your garden, and should you water it by hand or use an irrigation system? Find out in this free organic gardening video lesson. View Video Transcript

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You want your garden to be close to a water source. I just use my hose, and I think it is much better to hand water your garden, and the reason why is that you can check your plants as you water. You’re in contact with them, you know what’s going on with your plants. Plus, when you hand water you can knock bugs off - it knocks the bugs off the plants. And you can spray the leaves and make sure all the plants are getting the right amount of water. And I listen to my plants, I talk to my plants. And some of them want more or less water, and so I listen to that and I think that’s a good way to go.

Once your garden is established, you only need to water it - if it’s well mulched - you only need to water it one to two times a week, depending on the temperature outside. When it’s really hot, you need to water it twice a week. But keeping it well mulched is the answer to using less water.