Soil Mixing Demo: Stirring

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Mixing soil uses organic matter to stir up a good amount of compost, manure and nutrients for planting crops and flowers. Mix soil for organic gardening with a professional permaculture gardener in this free video on mass propagation of food crop... View Video Transcript

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And one thing I might have done there would be to pre-wet the pearlite to avoid breathing any of that dust. And now that I have my mix somewhat completed I'm going to go ahead and wet it and mix it using this spade fork, excellent mixing tool. It's almost like mixing concrete, if you've done that. Just trying to create a blend and begin to suss out what out, what our final needs are here. There are several other things I might add. This is some green sand minerals. Nope, that's finished compost, excuse me, organic compost. We can inoculate that with some organic compost that someone else has made. And over here we have mineral called green sand, which is mined in New Jersey, and the green sand adds micronutrients to the mix. Some people would say with a good compost that's unnecessary. And now we're getting close to finished, and I'm going to either hand or tool mix the final batch until it's to my satisfaction. Sometimes we'll add and blend different batches of compost, so there's no such thing as a perfect recipe. We go by intuition and then we observe the results.